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Our trails cover more than 130 miles, connecting with Bo-Boen Tribe, Cross Country Cruisers, Hodag Sno Trails, Forest Riders, Northwoods Passage, and Northern Trails Unlimited.

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It I have had some computer issues so I haven't been able to update this lately. But I hope those issues are solved. As of Sunday 1-19-20 you will find some trails a little rough till we can get the groomers across the wet areas.  The swamps are safe for snowmobiles to cross but not for the groomers. Some clubs have been unfortunate enough to have had their groomers break through the ice in the swamps creating major problems for them. Take it easy out there the snow and ice conditions are different and your snowmobile will act different too until the trails get well frozen.  Be safe. The deeper the snow, the bigger the moguls!

Trail Information

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